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Wire Rope Hoist Features
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  Wire Rope Hoist -Construction & Features
  Wire Rope Hoist System  
Hoisting Motor High-resistance diecast motor combines a low starting current with a high starting torque.
Control Box Quick-open latched cover and laid out for easy servicing low current operating detects overload situations and emits warning tone.
Planetary gear in oil bath 2-step reducing mechanism. Gears are built as single units for easier overhaul and assembly. Comes with inspection hole for easier maintenance.
Disc brake Built-in long-life DC disc brake.
Limits Switch 2-step limit switch: Step 1 breaks the operation circuit; Step 2 breaks the main power circuit.
Wire Rope Long-life filler rope used.
Hook Block The sheave diameter is larger than the drum diameter to ensure longer wire rope life. The sheave is made of ductile cast iron for higher abrasion resistance. And, of course, the hook-block is entirely covered.
Hook The hook is fitted with a latch to keep slings from slipping off.
Push Button Switch Easy to operate and designed with low control voltage for safety. With main line ON/OFF.
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