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  Trolley Mation System - Transmitting power & signal control  
  Signal Control  
Transmitting power and signals for up to 256 contacts via a single duct to moving equipment.

The Trolley Mation contact transmitter has been developed by combining Matsushita Electric Work's experience in mobile power supply routes and multiples transmission technology. Both a power supply and control signals for up to 256 contacts can be transmitted simultaneously via a single duct. The Trolley Mation serves as an effective aid in designing a total system to supply power and transmit control signals to moving devices.

  Signal Control  
Contact Transmitters
  • Control signal for up to 256 contacts can be transmitted via just two lines.
  • Since both power and control signals are transmitted via the same duct, the amount of wire needed is greatly reduced.
  • Installation as an endless line circuit is also possible (ideal for controlling complex FMS lines).
  • Its high noise margin and +65V signal voltage provide superior transmission reliability.

Video Transmitters
  • VTR cameras can be mounted on self-propelled devices.
  • A clear image can be transmitted to as far as 300m away.
  • A single trolley duct can transmit up to three channels. Each channel corresponds to a modular (A, B, and C), and a demodulator (A, B and C) respectively.
  • A high frequency transmission system that is not affected by separation from wires.

Serial Interfaces
  • RS-232C signals can be transmitted via just two lines.
  • Transmission distance of up to 500m.
  • Signals and power supply can both be transmitted via a single duct.
  • Provides a high noise margin within a signal voltage of 65V.
  • Transmits large amounts of data to remote locations at high speeds (9600bit/sec., 4800bit/sec.)
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